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Late PM Ahmed Bakayoko

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Preview of our July issue.
Former Ivory coast President Laurent Gbagbo is set to return to his country , five months prior to crucial presidential election.
Minister Moussa Sanogo, at the Mobile Rapid Intervention Unit (UMIR) in Abidjan/Yopougon-Gesco.Photo/Censors.
President Ouattara in London/Archives --The decision to pull out was taken at a weekly cabinet meeting, government spokesman Sidi Toure told reporters
Chinese Doctors arriving in Abidjan this past Thursday/photo IT

Crime Odieux! Un cocaïnomane viole et assassine une nourrice de 22 ans.

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Côte d'Ivoire (Abidjan) -" A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man".

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 Carmen Sama and daughter Rafna joined dad Dj Arafat on stage earlier this year...

  Months before his tragic death, Dj Arafat and Carmen Sama sealed their love in a traditional ceremony in Abidjan...

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The Late Dj Arafat gave credit where it was due. Among other things in this video he talks about his inspirations from none other than Didier Kalondji "Bill Clinton", One of the greatest african vocalists from Congo Kinshasa.

The legendary "Bill Clinton" Kalondji pays tribute to DJ Arafat.