Ivory Coast: jihadist attack on a border post with Burkina

An attack in the Northeast of Côte d'Ivoire at a border post with Burkina Faso, on 11/06/2020, left a dozen dead, according to security sources.

AFP sources and Ivorian and Burkinabè security forces  are reporting an attack on a border post at Kafolo, in the North-East of Côte d'Ivoire, near the border with Burkina Faso, attributed to jihadists. The same report indicates a dozen dead among security forces.

"There was an  anti-jihadist operation a few days ago in the same area," said an Ivorian security source. "After the joint [anti-jihadist] operation, an Ivorian army base was targeted by unidentified individuals in Kafolo," according to a Burkinabè security source. It is the first jihadist attack on Ivorian soil since the Grand Bassam attack in 2016 [which left 19 dead].

Published on 11/06/2020 Updated on 11/06/[email protected]:40