FIF - Drogba, The People's Candidate.

(Ivory Coast- FIF battle).Pictured: Current professional footbal league president Sory Diabate,Drogba and current FIF vice president Idriss Diallo are all in the starting block now for what will be a pulsating election. Getty images
FIF executive Director Sam Etiassé and Didier Drogba at Federation H.Q in Abidjan. Getty images.

"It is with the greatest interest that I observed everything that has happened and has been said about my candidacy.

I want to thank all Ivorian football stakeholders and pay tribute to all those who dared to back me despite obvious difficulties and threats.

Football is everyone's sport.

Football brings people together, as it demonstrated today by the show of force from fans that have come to give me their support.

I do not want to be just the president of football, but I want to accomplish the mission that binds it, because our football must not die.

That is why our project is called "Renaissance"..

This mission will only be possible with combined efforts from my team, the coaches, the clubs, the referees and the footballers themselves.

If my main objective was, not to give back to Ivorian football, if my goal was to steer us away from developing football, it would have been difficult for me to stand before you today. If my goal was not to develop Ivorian football, I would have withdrawn as some people wished.

I need to give back to Ivorian football all that it has given me.

I want to make my contribution to Ivorian football.

I'm only here for football", said the 2012 Champions league hero and Chelsea best player ever, and the Ivory Coast all time leading goal scorer in front of a large crowd of supporters.



01/08/2020. Fans gathered at FIF headquarters to see their idole Drogba. Photo/I.T

The day before this speech at FIF headquarters in Treichville, an elective general assembly of Africa Sports Football Club was held in Abidjan. Strangely enough, a new president was elected with 100% of the votes for an ultimate Drogba interest group backing. However, under its former president Vagba Adrien, the same team had already given its full support to one of the candidates.

Drogba who has been undermined by some people in the Ivorian football circles seems to know more about the "cogs" than previously indicated. Africa Sports may have offered him that last gasp chance to preside over FIF and transform football in the country of “Les Elephants".

This last-minute opportunity may have been what candidate Drogba was hoping for to truly stamp his policies in the minds of the Electoral College.

Only the ballot box stands now between him and that prestigious office in the glass building of Treichville. 

The final battle is scheduled for 5th, September 2020, but Drogba's shadow and the fervour triggered by his candidacy have now allowed the public to have the right of scrutiny over the cash flowing in this obscure nebula that has become the Football Federation.

Published By Claude Djaquis

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