Drogba: FIF bid suffers slight set back but star is confident. Getty images.


Didier Drogba's reputation on the world stage remains an important asset in attracting both investors and sponsors to help local football overcome its lethargy. Every major brand in the world dreams of associating their image with Drogba. Drogba has what it takes for the job. Not having the support of several of Ivory Coast former footballers is a small hurdle considering the fact that their vote will count for only 1% of the tally on D day. They may have had their grievances but an election in a democracy is a policy debate. Not one where we linger on small matters and personal issues. The future of Ivorian football is at stakes here. His opponents, thanks to them have garnered two African cups in more than 30 years in office. Time has come for a change. Didier's humility will be needed when he is at the helm, as the greatest challenges will then be to surround himself with a team of true professionals worthy of the trust of the Nation.

VISION: Turning the IVORY COAST into a modern African Football Nation

▪MISSION : Federating all energies to develop infrastructures and offer fulfilment to all Football Players.


- Honesty

- Humanity

- Innovation


- Modernise and develop infrastructures

- Ensuring the maintenance and sustainability of infrastructures

- Modernizing the legal and regulatory framework

- Developing a football economy that is conducive to the development of the Players


Legal and regulatory framework:

- Modernization and new laws


- Upgrading and creation of new infrastructures

- Infrastructure maintenance and management

- Development of Sports Medicine

The Actors:

- Status and Protection of Active Football Players

- Help for retired footballers

- Modernization of all football clubs 

- In-depth study of the Status of Referees and Trainers

Economics of the industry

- Tax modernization

- Sponsorship Development

- TV rights management

International and regional cooperation:

- Training

- Infrastructure

- Partnerships & Training

- Coaches

- Trainers

- Referees

- Players

  1. Green" program (training of Lawn Technicians)
  2. 2. OISSU Program (school competitions)
  3. 3. Elephant Program (Regional Cup)
  4. 4. Program «Comités» ( inter-neighbourhood challenges)
  5. 5. Program « visibilité » (development of Sponsorship and TV rights)
  6. 6. Program "Filao" (digital transformation)
  7. 7. Ivory" Program (modernization of the National Technical Centre)
  8. 8. Harmony" program (traceability, transparency of the training chain)
  9. 9. Baobab" program (restructuring of Football Federation and Clubs)


Published By Claude B. Djaquis


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