GAGNOA: Humanitarian feelings
Mayor Yssouf Diabaté relieves the distress of the population

According to the maxim: "Times make men, and men then react on their time" It must be said quite clearly, the mayor Yssouf Diabaté, comes for a while, to relieve homes. In this difficult period due to COVID-19, the man who does not shirk his habits is working to strengthen the bonds of peace, faith and certainty by offering food to his tender populations. This burgomaster who makes no subtle distinction with his people has decided to be in the same boat as everyone else, to face and avoid the spread of this deadly virus. Knowing that some economic operators are constrained by the sanitary barriers measures enacted by the government due to COVID-19, thus, the maquis, nightclubs, restaurants and others have seen their businesses closed. For how long will they remain closed? In short! With a broad mind, Mayor Yssouf Diabaté, who has an attentive ear to the verbal distress of all, decides to react to the prevailing difficulties. Should or should we disperse our forces? In any case, the mayor, who will urge everyone not to let themselves be discouraged, will consider it essential to distribute several tons of rice and other foodstuffs to the various tenants in different parts of the city. Some appreciated this salutary gesture of Mayor Yssouf Diabaté during this distribution started on Tuesday, April 21, 2020, in the town hall. And that, Mr Gahe Daniel who, thanks to the generosity of the latter, will have plenty of food for a long time, will not say otherwise because it is fortunate that he returned to his small family with arms full of donations. To think that his offerings continue. Yssouf Diabaté, always one of a kind.