Woman Takes Uber From The Airport, But Driver Won’t Let Her Go

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She had to double-check that the address on the map was correct. It just didn’t make any sense to her. A million thoughts crossed her mind, but she assumed it was purely coincidental.

She began asking the woman questions regarding her visit to town. The woman in the backseat’s face grew bright red as she explained that she was going to see her boyfriend.

Getting Personal

They hadn’t seen each other in such a long time, and she could barely contain her excitement. However, this did not answer the question about why they were going to that specific apartment.

Everything She Ever Wanted 

Alicia McIntyre was so thankful for the life she shared with her long-term boyfriend, Liam. They both recently graduated from college, and they had been together for more than three years.

They went through each other’s ups and downs and stuck together through it all. Alicia knew that she would one day marry Liam. However, she was unaware that everything she knew would soon be challenged.

He Was Great 

Alicia and Liam’s relationship had been smooth sailing. The chemistry between Alicia and Liam was undeniable when they first met, and they began dating shortly after. Now they were conjoined at the hip.

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Liam was a gentleman who worked hard. She felt comfortable bringing him home to her family, and they adored him. She believed he was the kind of partner she could settle down with, but she soon learned that all was not as it seemed.

They Still Had Problems 

Even though Alicia and Liam barely fought, they still had their problems. They were both very career-oriented, which ultimately meant their relationship had to take a backseat to their ambition.

Liam, wanting to focus on his career often spent more time at work than at home with Alicia. Alicia, juggled multiple jobs that made it difficult to spend time with Liam.

Making It Work

Still, the couple knew they were in it for the long haul and wanted to do everything to make their relationship work.

Although they didn’t have a lot of time to spend together, the couple trusted their love for one another and made it a point to carve more time for each other.

Harsh Reality 

Even though Alicia and Liam have been dating for many years, they both had their own apartments in Jersey City. Living alone was definitely more expensive, but while in college, she could still afford it because her parents helped her out financially. Once they graduated from college, they both realized that life after graduation came with its own set of problems–particularly financial ones.

Financial Difficulties

After her graduation, Alicia’s parents told her that they would no longer be able to support her financially. She was worried of course, but she also understood where her parents were coming from.

Because the bills were stacking up and still needed to be paid, she decided to apply for a job as an Uber driver to help keep a roof over her head.

A Turn For The Worst 

Even though they did not spend nearly enough time together, their relationship was stronger than ever. They supported each other and scheduled time for each other. Things were perfect, but all of that changed when Liam received a phone call.

Liam’s mother had been struggling with her health over the last couple of months, but things seemed to have gone downhill within the last few days. The news shattered his heart, and he knew he needed to go see her before it was too late. Alicia could not bear to see him like this and did everything in her power to help.

A Supportive Girlfriend 

Alicia was set to start her new job as an Uber driver the following day, but instead, she spent the entire evening taking care of her boyfriend. The following morning she woke up early to help him get ready for his trip.


She kissed him, and then they both drove their separate ways. Liam was on his way to catch his flight, and she was on her way to her new job. Neither of them had any idea what the day would bring.


The moment Liam drove off, Alicia felt a small pang in her heart and she felt herself missing him. She wished that she could go with him, but she had a job to do. She would use her new job to help distract herself. However, her first passenger of the day would cause her to come to a horrible realization.

A Smart Decision 

Alicia drove to the airport, thinking that she’d likely get a ride there, regardless of the time of day. As soon as she arrived, her phone pinged. She knew she had made the right decision by going there. The airport was always busy.

Somebody requested a ride into town. Alicia smiled, excited by how well her first day was starting out. She immediately accepted the request and made her way to the client’s location.

Her First Passenger 

Alicia’s first passenger was a stunning woman. She looked very put together and didn’t look like every passenger coming out of the airport who typically looked haggard and frazzled.  She helped carry her luggage into the car, and they exchanged small talk before driving off.

« What brings you to our little city? » Alicia asked, trying to make conversation. The girl smiled at her and said, « Someone special. » Alicia smiled back; she loved hearing about people’s love stories. She then did something she had never done with a stranger before.

Deep In Thought

With the woman’s destination already set by the navigation system, Alicia began to drive. Her passenger was very talkative, excitedly explaining that she was from out of town and that she was here to visit her boyfriend.

Alicia thought about how lucky she was to have such a friendly first passenger. She couldn’t wait to tell Liam all about it. She was deep in thought when her passenger asked if she could play some music.

The Beauty Of Jersey City

Alicia passed the girl, who’d introduced herself as Tracy, her car’s aux cord. Tracy jacked her phone in and selected a romantic playlist. The songs dug deep into Alicia, reminding her  of Liam. “I haven’t seen my man in a long time. I miss him,” Tracy said, pulling Alicia out of her thoughts. “Mine’s out of town. I miss him too,” Alicia answered. Although it was nice to relate on this level, something felt odd.

Wrong Turn?

The route Alicia took was leading her to Liam’s neighborhood. She looked out the window, seeing familiar landmarks around them. Did she unconsciously take the wrong turn because of how much she missed Liam? When picking up Tracy, she’d only glanced at the destination on her phone. She rechecked it now, and her jaw dropped.

Did I Make A Mistake?

Alicia plucked her phone from the phone holder and refreshed the page. What would Tracy say when she found out Alicia had taken her down the wrong route? Alicia could not let her first ride get messed up. She restarted her phone, feigning calmness. She glanced at the rearview mirror to see if Tracy knew what was happening. What she saw made her brows draw together.

The Music Takes Over

Tracy was bobbing her head to the music. She was either unaware of what was happening or sure of the route they were taking. Alicia checked her phone after it restarted and saw she was indeed on the right path. She smiled nervously, hoping they weren’t lost. But when she double-checked Tracy’s destination, she almost stopped the car.


The destination was an apartment complex–the same one that Liam lived in. Could Tracy’s boyfriend be Liam’s neighbor? She tried to fish for details, asking Tracy what apartment she needed to get to, but she couldn’t remember. So she called her boyfriend to confirm it.

His Apartments

She decided she would call Liam immediately after dropping Tracy at her destination. This whole trip was gnawing at her nerves. The gates to the apartments slid open, and as they were driving by the flats, Tracy said she’ll recognize her boyfriend’s apartment when she sees it.

A Strange Turn

« Stop! » Tracy exclaimed and Alicia gently hit the brakes. She slowly lifted her head up to check the duplex and her heart pounded.


Alicia was stunned to see it was even the same duplex that Liam lived in – the very one she had left early this morning. Even so, she didn’t want to jump to conclusions. After all, there were two homeowners in this duplex and she never did meet Liam’s neighbor.


“He’s home!” Tracy exclaimed. “That’s his car right there.” Alicia looked closely, “What?” she asked. “His car, right there,” Tracy repeated. Alicia could see the car. The only problem was that it couldn’t have been Tracy’s boyfriend’s car because it belonged to Liam.

No Longer A Coincidence

Alicia looked over at the parking spaces in front of the building and saw something that made her blood run cold. Alicia’s worst fears were realized as she read the car’s number plate. There was no doubt what was going on now.

He Lied To Her

The car was indeed Liam’s – the one he had allegedly driven to the airport that very morning. So he had lied to her about going to see his mom? Her blood was beginning to boil. She took a deep breath and counted to five. Not wanting to cause a scene, she decided to confront Liam after the passenger had left. But what she saw next made her snap.

No Way

After they parted ways in the evening, Liam drove off to New York to see his sick mother. He was to spend his night in the hospital. But as Alicia grappled with the reality of things, Liam strolled out of the door. He was smiling at Tracy, waving as he hurried over. Then he looked closely and saw Alicia.

Catching Him

Alicia’s stomach plummeted, then she stiffened as the adrenaline rushed through her body. She gripped the steering wheel, digging her nails into it until her knuckles turned white. They were both waiting for Liam to make his appearance, but for different reasons. Liam took a step back, shaking his head in disbelief. Alicia was trembling behind the wheel, her foot half an inch above the gas pedal.

All Lies

He lied about going to New York. He lied about his sick mother. He lied about everything. He had been cheating on her with the woman who was sitting right next to her. And Bre was livid. She hurled her door open and rushed to him, needing an explanation for what was happening. She caught Liam running away and yanked him to a stop.

Deer In The Headlights

Alicia looked right in his lying face. It took a few moments for him to register that she was there, but when he did, his smile fell.

Now, he looked like a frightened deer. And Alicia was going to eat him alive. He started to run, but he wasn’t quick enough. Alicia leaped out of the car to deliver a special brand of swift, painful justice.

How Could He Do This?

Alicia was ready to let all hell break loose. « How could you do this? » She said through tears. “Because you work too hard,” Liam told Alicia. But his voice went low when he said, “And you forget stuff, Alicia.” “You forget a lot,” Tracy said behind them, and Alicia snarled. Alicia’s teeth ground. Her fists balled, and she whirled around to face Tracy. What she found made her step back with a gasp.

She Forgot

“My cousin says you forget even your birthday,” Tracy said, a wrapped present in her arms. She jutted her chin at Liam and added, “He wanted to surprise you, even called me. And I’m the last person he calls.” Alicia’s blood ran cold and her face flushed when she finally realized what was actually going on.


You see, Liam was quite a prankster. That’s what she loved about him. He was always trying to “get her,” but he hadn’t succeeded yet. This time, he’d gotten her good. He’d concocted an elaborate scenario just to surprise her on her birthday. “But, your mom!” Alicia gasped. “She’s fine,” Liam said with a wink.

A Terrible Mistake

Suddenly, all of Alicia’s friends sprang out of nowhere, screaming ‘surprise’ as they showered her with confetti. Her heart thundered within her chest, and her breath hitched. Although she could still feel the adrenaline rushing through her body, She knew she’d made a terrible, terrible mistake. Liam came and hugged her. “Happy birthday,