Phallus festival in japan.

The world is full of amazing customs and traditions.

Did you know that each spring a festival dedicated to the human penis and fertility takes place in the city of Kawashaki?

The Kanamara Matsuri (Iron Penis Party) is an annual Shinto Fertility Festival held in Kawasaki Japan every spring since 1977.

 Major festivities take place on the first Sunday of April, whereby the central theme is the penis or better still the phallus, reproduced everywhere in picture as a sugarcoated cakes, carved vegetables or any kind of figures.

Kanamara Matsuri is centered on the Kanayama Shrine, formerly frequented by prostitutes who came to pray for protection against venereal diseases.

During the festivities, businesses are prayed upon for prosperity, devine blessings are cast on the future of family clans, marriages, safe childbirths and harmony between spouses.


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