The Golden "PRIMUD" 2021 Goes To Kerozen

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In Côte d'Ivoire, the annual version of the Grammy awards, dubbed PRIMUD (Prix International Des Musiques Urbaines Et Du Coupé-Decalé), the most prestigious West African urban music award, was held on Sunday, November 14, 2021, at the Sofitel Hôtel Ivoire in the capital Abidjan.

Alongside Kerozen the big winner in this evening of glitz and glamour, stars came out to celebrate culture in a country long considered the bedrock of Art and Culture on the continent.

In addition to the Palme d'Or 2021, DJ Kerozen won the Best Video award for ("L'Élu") and the Best Urban Featuring award for his collaboration with Toofan ("Dis merci à Dieu).

Other winners at the PRIMUD 2021 are:

Best Musician: King Ediem's

Best Dancer: Lyly Olomidé

Breakout Clip: Ramses Tikaya Bougement

Best Music Video Director: Tyger Cronz

Best Bar Club Maquis: Albatros

Best Dj: Mulukuku

Best Diaspora Promoter: Stéphanie de Houidi

Best Urban Featuring: Kerozen ft Toofan

Best Manager: Maestro 2 Balzac

Breakout Urban Variety: Remy Adan

Breakout Coupé-décalé: Roma Chiyaya

2021 Breakout Rapper: Oprah

Breakout Zouglou artist: Zoksy

Breakout Producer: Akou

Best Producer: Momo Wang

Breakout Web-humorist: Ariane

Best Female Artist: Vitale

Best Web-Humorist: Stoni

Best Humorist: Eunice Zunon

Best Central African Artist: Tenor

Best West African Artist: Iba One

Best Urban Variety Artist: Mike Alabi

Best Rap Artist: KS Bloom

Best Zouglou Artist: Elvis Inspiration

Best Coupé-décalé Artist: Ramses Tikaya

Published on 06/12/2021

By Claude Djaquis-Bady and Meyan Nanguy