So long, Chairman !

Chairman Jerry john Rawlings: a life in pictures. Photos/Joy news.

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“One day, I’ll take you to the Chairman,” said the driver, on the many occasions we drove past your residence, in the leafy neighbourhood of North Ridge in Accra. The last time we did, I simply answered, “the chairman is here to stay. I’ll take a selfie with him, I am sure”.

As fate has it today, little did I know that I would live to regret those wasted opportunities to meet one of the greatest sons, Africa has ever produced!

A glorious day’s curtain is drawing to a close with your departure in the realm of our forefathers.

You, son of Ghana. Your people, our neighbours were lucky to have your star shine on them. For, you offered them the greatest gifts a country deserves: Prosperity And Positive Peace.

In our beloved Ivory Coast, held tight in the claws of France the colonial ruler, we continue to be scared by an imposter from oblivion who landed on our doorsteps decades ago.

With megalomaniac greed and ethnoreligious grief, the wolfpack leader is dividing to conquer alongside his machete-wielding militias, but none of your comrades, have balls big enough to emulate the good deeds of the Chairman you have been. So we wonder! Will we ever be unchained from the albatross from hell, nesting hate in our midst?

Have a safe transition, chairman Jerry John Rawlings.

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