GAGNOA: Promising them places in the public service
A fake UN police lieutenant swindled CFAF 5,520,000 for tax, customs and Unicef jobs

Mr Boni Koffi Serges and Mrs Ahou Nicole Kouadio get their money's worth.
Hoping to see his brothers become civil servants of the state, Mr Boni Koffi Serges who would be a follower of the facility will seek the services of Mr AdiafiKassi Christian. The man who used to call himself a police lieutenant of the UN, in reality, is only a clever sourpuss in society. Taking advantage of his naiveté, this false officer will manage to extract various sums of money from Mr Boni Koffi Serges. According to the maxim, 'Clever who will find'. As if he were an unscrupulous corrupter, Boni Koffi Serges, who says he is aware of the future of his brothers, without any ulterior motive, will pay the total sum of FCFA 5,400,000 to the alleged UN police lieutenant. This is to help him integrate his brothers into the civil service. Namely, taxes and customs. Once in possession of these funds, Mr Boni will eventually realize that this famous lieutenant is a good-for-nothing, a real shit because the man in question will tell him nothing but tall tales. Better yet, he'll disappear from the scene. Don't they say 'always for the thief one day for the owner'? The victim who had only his eyes to cry will manage to apprehend him later. Unable to pay him back, the false lieutenant will then be arrested before being brought before the public prosecutor's office. Touré Moussa, a representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office and head of the Public Prosecutor's Office, will also issue him with a warrant of committal. AdiafiKassi Christian will be prosecuted for fraud involving the sums of 5,400,000 F and 120,000 F and will be brought before the court of flagrant delicto on Tuesday, 10 March. "Presenting himself to me as a police lieutenant of the UN, he let me know that he is making the elements that remained on the spot go away. And that he could bring people through customs and tax... As a lawman, I felt it was necessary to seize this great opportunity to help my little brothers who are unemployed. For each case, he told me that I had to pay 700,000 F per person for customs and 500,000 F for taxes. For my 6 cases, I paid him the total sum of 5,400,000 F", said Mr Boni Koffi Serges.
'When they pay you money and it doesn't work, what do they call it?' he will ask the president. The respondent will retort 'it's a swindle' and add 'Chief, you'll excuse me. In all honesty, regardless of my decree of stupidity. If I have 6 million francs, I'm not a civil servant on Gagnoa, what's stopping me from leaving Gagnoa? I have been betrayed, cheated by my friend Diarrasouba who says he's a military doctor at Ahma. In reality, I'm just a pedlar. It's to him that I gave all those sums. I had 50,000 francs for each case. I hope the victims will understand so that when I get out of here, I'll pay them back. Otherwise, prison is not something I can wish for anyone. Even to my worst enemy. Every time I stop, they die there. Just yesterday, we had a detainee who died there" at the bar, AdiafiKassi Christian said. To integrate Unicef, Ahou Nicole Kouadio, who seems to attract a lot of attention like a pot of smiles, has unfortunately been swindled out of the modest sum of 120,000 FCFA. To succeed in a competition in Côte d'Ivoire, you have to work hard. It is not fraudulent to get these parents to enter the competition," says the prosecutor. "Has there been a TV commercial saying that the state of Côte d'Ivoire is selling tickets or competitions to enter the civil service? Are the civil service and the tax department of Côte d'Ivoire cocoa plantations of his daddy so that one agrees from the outset to buy places to be offered to him? The president will ask himself. One is tempted to say that the victims can only blame themselves and should be prosecuted in the same way as the accused. Alas! To the economy of the debates, 'The court, ruling publicly, contradictorily according to the procedure of flagrante delicto, in the first instance declares Mr AdiafiKassi Christian, guilty of fraud involving the sums of 5,400,000 F and 120,000 F committed to the prejudice of Mr Boni Koffi Serges and Mrs Ahou Nicole Kouadio respectively. In retaliation, he was sentenced to 24 months' imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 francs. Receives Mr Boni's application for a civil action, stating that it is well-founded They to be partially funded. Orders the accused to pay the sum of 120,000 CFA francs as damages. Orders the accused to pay the costs. Fixes the constraint agreement at the minimum. Mr Adiafi, you have 20 days from today to appeal the decision if you do not agree. After this period (...)'.