Post-election clashes in Ivory Coast kill 37, wound dozens, 17 houses burnt down by Ouattara's militiamen, sources say

Raid on the Agnis (Mbatto) by Alassane Ouattara's militiamen.

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M'batto update on 10/11/2020:  

On Tuesday, November 10, 2020 in Mbatto, a genocide was orchestrated (as it has been the case across the country) during the “No to a third term for Alassane Ouattara” movement, by the RDR-RHDP militiamen.

After the Wê Genocide in 2002,2010-2011, Alassane Ouattara’s thirst for blood has not subsided. In Toumodi, Dabou, Sikensi, Divo, Daoukro, Yamoussoukro, bonoua, Bingerville and now, M'bato his militiamen continue to kill, violate, and maim innocent women and men untitiled to dissent in a democracy.


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Beheaded for a "No to Alassane Ouattara"

photo/Censors[email protected]

Destruction in M'bato for a "No to Alassane Ouattara"


Ten years after the 2010 civil war, Alassane Ouattara's militiamen ar back with their RPGs. photo/Censors

A list of the day's dead, compiled at the morgue in M'bato (Eastern region):

*Human toll: 34 dead

-Koua anicet

-kacou Ya Marius

-N'Guessan Sidonie

-Ama line Gisèle

-kouamé San Roger

-kouamé Michel

-Assémien Raoul

-Assémien Arnaud Rodrigue

-Manzan Cedrick

-Aka Fulgence Honoré

-Aka Koco Jean

-Aka Ama Pink

-Tanoh Monique

-Tanoh Romuald Samuel

-Tanoh Maxime

-Tanoh Samuel Élisée

-Tano Mohamed

-Tano Hermann

-Tano Franck Alex

-Komenan Oi Komenan Ulrich

-Komenan Prince

-Komenan Moh Adelaide

-Kouassi Amani Simplice

-Brou Kouame Éric

-Angaman Merick

-Sinayoko Méité

-Ousmane Cisse

-Serigne Diankanté

-Sylla Amidou

-Kamate Narou

-Tehoua Armel

-Damoi Angel Romaric

-Yao Axel Angel

-Yao Deless

*injured 86,  including 53  with lifelong injuries.

*17 houses burnt down

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