Peace and Cohesion For Gagnoa Sub-prefecture. Ambroise Késsié Seals Fraternal Union In The Community

Mr Ambroise Késsié Kicks off the peace and cohesion games 2021. Photo:I.T

If there was ever a reward for the pursuit of Social cohesion and Humanitarian endeavours in Gagnoa, It would easily be attributed to Ambroise Késsié whose humanitarian works are contributing to the well-being of the region on a daily basis. Like a preacher, the man has perpetually fulfilled his task of establishing peace wherever it is needed. Well aware that football is a factor of rapprochement, Mr Kessie was the main sponsor of several tournaments initiated in different villages across the sub-prefecture, notably Djérégnoa-1 (Paccollo) and Bamo-3 (Guia) in the village of Donhio-Maléhio where Ambassador Ambroise Késsié was welcomed by hundreds of fans eager to express their gratitude.
"I urge you to cultivate the values embodied in Islam and Christianity. Namely, living together; at the core of acceptance of others. The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe without passing judgment," said Ambassador Ambroise Késsié. He also wished for the sincere and frank involvement of all indigenous, non-indigenous and non-native leaders. "We must sit at the table of forgiveness, tolerance, understanding, love and peace to rise from the ashes of crises of conflicts, for modernisation. I urge the youth to turn their backs on anything that could harm or destroy them. Abstain from the consumption of drugs and other substances that could be harmful to your future."
For his federative works, consolidation and national unity, Ambroise Késsié is and remains the apostle of cohesion and social appeasement, embodying the "living together" values in the Gôh region. Djérégnoa won the Peace and Reconciliation Trophy on Saturday 28 August 2021, after a penalty shoot-out (5-4). Each of the teams, as well as the organisers, were given cash incentives and several gifts including jerseys, T-shirts, footballs and tracksuits.
It must be noted that for the first time in recent memory in this town, a sporting event was held without major incidents. Gnagbodougnoa as well as villages and tribal chiefs took an active part in the festivities.

Published by Akoto. G on 02/09/2021