Gagnoa - Parliamentary Elections (2021) – Confronted with overzealous militants and sympathizers from all parties, Mr Ambroise Késsié Calls for appeasement.

Mr Ambroise Késsié.[email protected]

As in all cities and towns across the country, the electoral campaign is in full swing in the Gôh region, so the usual vitriolic debates are back in Gagnoa.

Everyone seems to be in a state of over-exuberance, and if one is not careful, this "madness" could quickly turn into the violence of a recent past.

Mr Adibo Ambroise Késsié, CEO of the  Késsié Group, with his usual level headed judgment has then decided to calm things down in no uncertain terms.

"Dear brothers and sisters of Gagnoa. My dear compatriots, brave people of Gagnoa. We live in uncertain and very sensitive times where electoral fervour often and unfortunately rhymes with all kinds of excesses and its corollary of verbal and physical violence. An often uncontrolled passion that brings in its wake innocent victims. As a native of the Gôh region, and above all concerned with the sanctity of life, I humbly allow myself to draw everyone's attention to the need for a peaceful election" he said, before addressing the candidates:

"To you, dear candidates, your opponents are not your enemies. Therefore, abstain from demonizing them with inflammatory speeches.

This is a democratic country with core values such as respect for one's adversary because their right is also to run for political office. Then, you will win the favour of your supporters and the electorate".

He went on to address voters:  "I appeal to each of you. Beware and be wise, because a ballot remains just a ballot. No more, no less. It is quite normal and even legitimate to rally one's candidate to victory, but let us recognize that others also have the same right concerning their candidate.

Mutual respect must be your modus operandi to avoid excesses that may lead to tragic scenes. Why must you trouble yourselves so much for candidates who need your votes just for the sake of a ballot box, and bound to ignore you once they are in office? "Let us keep in line with the democratic game. I am not lecturing you; far from it, but I hope and wish with all my heart that these elections will be held in a calm atmosphere, according to the rules of democracy, to avoid unnecessary loss of human life.


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