Miss World 2021 - Olivia Yace, Pride Of A Nation And A Continent

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Olivia Yace- Second runner-up to Miss World. Pride of a nation and a continent. Photo/Censors

With just a pop of colour on the lips to go along with her natural crown and glowing flawless ebony skin and even with straight tresses or no makeup, she looks equally stunning.

Ivory Coast and the African continent rejoiced when Miss Côte d’Ivoire Olivia Yace, was named the second runner-up for Miss World 2021.

On Wednesday night, she dazzled the world with her poise, intelligence, and natural beauty as she she graced the floor to the final three contestants head to head.

The 23-year-old was the only African beauty queen to make it to the top six. Standing at 180 cm tall, she is fluent in French, Spanish, and English. with a degree in Marketing and Management and hopes to further her education with a Master’s degree. She likes to sing, dance, and travel. Her favourite film is “Mama Mia.

Olivia would ask Michelle Obama to dinner since she looks up to her as a role mode . Her personal motto is: “Know who you are to know where you are.”

Olivia is one to watch for years to come.  

Ivory Coast Tribune Magazine wishes her the best on her journey.


Published By Meyan Nanguy

  20/03/2022 @23:23