Gagnoa: Fighting Covid-19
Méva Gougou extends its actions on Tipadipa

For the betterment and well-being of her brothers and sisters in Gagnoa, Méva Gougou Joachim never makes any request to put herself at the service of all. Resolutely committed against the COVID-19 pandemic, the President of the Mutual Development Association of Tipadipa has deemed it appropriate to come to the aid of the people of this village. The man, who is always ready to support the government in its commitment to overcoming this coronavirus disease, did not want to wait for 'laggards', at least the State on the road, to assign himself a mission of awareness and assistance. In order to bring both to comply with the barrier measures enacted by the World Health Organization (WHO), MUDET and its president Méva Gougou have recently made donations of various kinds to the people of Tipadipa. "This crisis that Côte d'Ivoire is going through is global and not political". Briefly and succinctly, and especially in the local language, the president and the members of the Mutual, in their entirety, urged the entire audience to be aware of and respect the barrier measures against this deadly pandemic. The efforts made by Méva Gougou Joachim, who fasts during the day and stays awake at night, to save lives cannot remain on such a good path. In any case, this umpteenth leading role and gesture have been commended for its true value.