Ivory Coast's capital cleans up after devastating floods


In the Ivorian capital, one person in five lives in flood-prone areas. It is not just Climate change to blame.

In Abidjan, people build in risky areas such as wetlands. Drainage pipes are blocked and channels are used as dumping grounds, leaving even the slightest of downpours to turn into flash floods.

"The city was built with concrete and bitumen. The water struggles to drain through," said Yao Konan, an urban planner.

The city lacks proper drainage infrastructure by the rains have also become heavier in recent years, a phenomenon attributed to climate change.

Road construction without proper drainage planning has been blamed for flooding neighborhoods of the capital.

In June, 19 people lost their lives, and 5 were injured. Forecasters say the coming days look less grim.

The months of June and July are the wettest in the south of Ivory Coast with heavy rainfall. 

The Africa Cup of Nations which had been scheduled for June 2023 has been moved to January 2024.