Ivory Coast -Two tons of drugs and prohibited medicines incinerated by the gendarmerie in Bouaké

Authorities set fire to banned drugs and pharmaceuticals in Bouake. Photo/Censors

The Bouaké gendarmerie's anti-drugs unit incinerated approximately two tons of drugs and prohibited medicines on Thursday, sources are reporting.

This large quantity of drugs and prohibited medicines consists of 2.8g of heroin, 95kg of cannabis, 3g of tramadol, 3g of Diazepam, 1.8 tons low quality or fake medicines.

According to Captain Bouaffon, head of Bouaké anti-drug unit, 13 people including one woman were detained in Bouaké and the neighbouring city of Katiola.

Captain Ambeu seized the opportunity to address the lack of mobility of his agents in the field. He, therefore, pleaded with local authorities, elected officials and executives of the two regions of Gbêkê and Hambol, which the anti-drug unit covers, to help them track down criminals et enforce the law. "The anti-drug unit of the gendarmerie is faced with problems of mobility and lack training material," he said.

Prefect Tuo Fozié, of the Gbêkê region and Bouaké department, was pleased with the work done by Captain Ambeu and his men.

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