Ivory Coast - Music Legend Justin Stanislas Dies In Paris

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London - 30/06/2022 @ 22:00 GMT

Justin Stanislas "Justy" died Thursday, June 30, 2022. The music icon passed away at the Mondor Hospital in Paris from a long illness, according to sources close to the family. With some of his peers, he had taken up residence in France since the late 60s. Justin Stanislas celebrated his Golden Jubilee in the industry on December 14, 2021, at the Espace Noisy of Noisy-le-Sec, for what was to be one of his last public appearances.

The singer also known as "Ato Bidy", was an extraordinary lyricist who began his musical career in Liberia before making a name for himself in his homeland Ivory Coast.

During a party organised by Ivorian students in Paris (France) in the early 70s, Stanislas was spotted by a member of the Philips label. Soon thereafter in 1972, his first album "Gnia Yohou" was on the market, followed by two others ( Adji ama yéré and Kanon Bra), before parting ways with Philips in 1979 to start the "Zomadre Production" label.

More success under "Zomadre" in particular, two albums (Agbanémi and Daloa) and concerts across Europe and Africa led him to a meeting with Robert Nahounou Koré alias Ronako who was instrumental in recording the "Hommage to Ernesto Djédjé" single in Dallas USA in 1983 - A tribute to one of Ivory Coast's most famous recording artists (Ernesto Djédjé) who tragically perished from poisoning in a Yamoussoukro nightclub in the 80s.

His early 1990s union with Yvonne Bidy Wassia Rabet known as "La marraine de Clignancourt", will be decisive in founding the label "Stanyvo Production" under which he will release two more albums (Drébablini and Le retour de Phénix 2010).

The essence of the themes of his songs consisted in imploring the "Zido Goprou", a Bété mythology creature (half-man, half-insect), supposedly the link to the after life, to pass on messages to loved ones gone too soon. Perhaps finally, he will have the ultimate answer of these melancholic waillings transmitted in his timeless mellow melodies and languorous voice. 

 Relatives, friends and fans are overwhelmed with grief. The man called Justy will be sorely missed.

Published/Updated By Claude B. Djaquis

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Rest In Peace, Justy