Abidjan - A considerable offshore oil discovery In Ivory Coast


The covid-19 continues to claim victims in Côte d'Ivoire despite enormous resources deployed by the government to fight the pandemic.

On September 2, 2021, the number of deaths reached a new high. The Ministry of Health recorded six deaths on Thursday 02/09/2021 and 375 new cases. It can now confirm that 152 patients recovered. 8.4% of 4460 samples taken are positive. 

To limit the spread of the disease, the government launched a vaccination campaign. According to the Ministry of Health, 17,829 doses of vaccines have been administered out of 1,387,952 from March to September. In September 2021, the country declared a total of 56,521 cases of which 54,154 recovered. Sadly, 451 of those have died.

The Minister of Health and Public Hygiene is urging persons over 18 years of age to get their jab in the vaccination centres. The Minister of Health, Pierre Dimba is reminding the public that vaccination against covid-19 is free and voluntary. Mobile Health teams are visiting several districts across the capital, Abidjan, and some towns in the country.

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