Ivory Coast - GEPCI up for Business Management training for Media publisher

Abidjan Cocody - Friday, October 28, 2022. File photo of ANP workshop attendees/ IPA

Abidjan, Oct. 29, 2022 - Ivorycoasttribune.com

Speaking at the National Press Authority (ANP) workshop on the subject of "What solutions to the crisis in the Ivorian Media",  Editors Association (GEPCI) president Zohoré Lassane confirmed the need to train owners and publishers in Business Management to better contribute to the growth of their corporation.

According to him, restoring the tarnished image of journalists and the Media through awareness campaigns and surveys was of the utmost importance to forge a new pact of trust and win back readers.

During his exposé titled: "From production to distribution, what models to implement", Eugene Kadet of the Ivorian Media Organisation For The Promotion Of Active Retirement (SIPPRAC) reiterated the same pledge for more training.

Barro Yakouba, head of operations of the commercial group Edipresse, wondered if parliament could come to the rescue with new laws to regulate print Media and define responsibilities for each stakeholder. Mr Barro also suggests establishing a fund to help editors and publishers in their missions. ANP president Samba Kone confirmed that the panel was set in motion to enable the main speakers to identify the areas of concern to promote strategies. In terms of public expectations, the aim is to understand the end product at their disposal.
Concerning the provisions of Law 2017-867 of December 27, 2017, on the legal regime of the media, the ANP ensures that print and digital media companies and journalists have the duty of abiding by legal and ethical rules in the treatment of information.