Ivory Coast celebrates 62nd Independence


Civil servants' salaries are on the rise.

Gbagbo pardoned.

M.Alassane Ouattara, President of Ivory Coast

President Alassane Ouattara set out his administratation's policies on the the eve of independence day in a speech following negociations with civil servants and State agents for the new "social truce".

New benefits consist of a rise in the contributory housing allowance for all civil servants and State agents in addition to a review of the monthly 20.000 CFA francs contributory housing allowance unchanged since 1993 for civil servants.

In addition, President Ouattara promised an increase of the monthly transport premium (unchanged since 2008).

Child tax credit is rising from 2,500 F CFA to 7,500 F CFA per month and per child for all civil servants and agents of the State, including the Military, as well as the establishment of an exceptional end-of-year bonus, representing one third of the indexed monthly salary base for the month of December due at the beginning of next January.

Retirees of the public sector will benefit from an increase in child tax credit of 5,000 CFA francs per month per child with retirement pensions increase by 5%.

All these measures represent an additional effort of approximately 227 billion every year.

President Alassane Ouattara promised that these measures will come into effect from this month of August 2022, on salaries and the payment of the exceptional bonus in January 2023.

In the coming weeks, civil servants will benefit from a new general civil service status, for a more modern and efficient Ivorian administration. The new social truce by the government and trade unions is welcome news.
In a sign of appeasement for social cohesion, President Alassane Ouattara pardoned his predecessor Laurent Gbagbo, sentenced in 2018 to 20 years in prison for his role in the turmoil that led to a brief civil war in 2011. Gbagbo returned from exile a year ago after the ICC acquitted him of war crimes during the same period.

Published By Claude Djaquis on 09/08/2022