India boy saves brother from crocodile by throwing stones

Pilibhit: A young boy saved his 17-year-old brother from the jaws of death when he managed to distract the crocodile who was dragging the boy into deep waters, by throwing stones at the reptile. The incident took place on Saturday in the Madhotanda area.

Vikas, 17, and his brother, Neeraj, 16, were washing their hands at an irrigation canal after working in the farmland when Vikas suddenly felt a tug on his right leg. To his horror, he found himself being dragged towards the canal by the crocodile.

He started screaming and resisting the crocodile but could not match its strength.

Neeraj picked up a big stone and threw it at the reptile. Distracted by the hit, the crocodile let go of Vikas and slipped into the canal, swimming away swiftly. Vikas was taken to the local community centre, where his condition is stated to be stable.

Later, Neeraj told forest officials that the crocodile was basking in the sun near the irrigation canal and the brothers failed to notice it and Vikas ventured too close to the crocodile. The locals have been advised by the forest department to stay alert while working near the irrigation canals. During the monsoon season, crocodiles in the flooded rivers swim into irrigation canals. The forest department has put up signboards near human habitats, cautioning people against attacks by crocodiles.