Gbagbo's Ex-prime Minister Pascal Affi N'guessan: "I Can No Longer Exclude An Alliance With The Rhdp-Ruling Party"

Journalist: What political figure do you feel you could join in a partnership at this juncture, Simone Gbagbo or Blé Goudé?

Affi: It is not about individual personalities. It is all about political postures.
Let's say, tomorrow, if Simone Gbagbo, Blé Goudé, Bedié or Ouattara embraces a posture in the interest of Peace and National Reconciliation in Côte d'Ivoire, I am all for it.

Journalist: Are you saying that we should not be surprised to see Pascal Affi N'GUESSAN, president of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), joining the RHDP?

Affi: If this is the way forward to Reconciliation and Peace in Côte d'Ivoire, the way to Economic and Social progress then, we should not rule out anything. Our only focus is national interests.

Journalist: We have addressed your bleak relationship with Bedié and the PDCI, as well as the RHDP. You have just confirmed that you are not ruling out an alliance with the RHDP. Does it mean that any deal in Côte d'Ivoire will suit you as long as it leads to the presidency?

Affi: We mustn't underestimate being open to any alliance in Côte d'Ivoire to win power. We must not ignore this dimension of our position.
All those who can help Côte d'Ivoire move forward, we are ready to consider anything with them. Affi N'guessan ON EventnewsTv (24/10/2021).

"I was surrounded by compromise, betrayal, mercantile alliances, duplicity. Of course, they had infiltrated my entourage.
It was easy - Some people around me were betting on my downfall and my survival at the same time. I was running the risk of being decapitated if I turned my head left or right. "Libre: Pour La Verite Et La Justice" (Laurent_Gbagbo).