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After the recent rainy season caused significant damage in Abidjan and other cities, Minister Bouaké Fofana, in charge of Hydraulics, Sanitation and Hygiene, called it a "disaster situation" for the country during a special TV broadcast.

In districts such as Bingerville or Koumassi, rainfall was up to 200 mm in just two days, above the red alert threshold of 50 mm, according to Sodexam, causing 30 deaths, including 25 in Abidjan.

The gigantic task of freeing up risk areas to avoid future catastrophes will involve displacing around 4,000 households or 25,000 people. Thirty sites out of 54 initially identified have already been destroyed this year. These operations will be ongoing until the total demolition of all risk areas before next year.
In response to the inclement weather, sanitation and drainage works are underway in Abidjan and other cities, including the Bonoumin - Indenie dams and the canals under Boulevard Mitterrand in Cocodyas well as Yopougon and Koumassi, for a positive impact on the lives of residents, who suffer flooding during rainy seasons.

Ivory Coast - Hygiene and Sanitation codes of conduct will be enforced 

"The government would soon submit a draft law on the hygiene and sanitation code.This provision is intended to constitute a therapy against incivilities especially, the adoption of good practices.
The government hopes to have zero deaths in future such seasons, which will not be possible without good practices from citizens themselves. Discipline and behavioural change are necessary. We vow to make people happy no matter the circumstances", said Mr Fofana.

Following these measures on Thursday, August 11, the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism (MCLU) demolished a two-room dwelling built on the edge of a ravine in the Paillet neighbourhood of Adjamé.

Published By Claude Djaquis, Editor-In-Chief

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