HIV positive white Dj infects more than 600 black women and reveals why he did it


November 4, 2019

In total, nearly 600 "black women" were infected by the DJ named Jason Roger Pope. The man reveals why he did so.

Jason Roger Pope, a 42-year-old South Carolina DJ, was arrested for the first time in August 2019 for human trafficking. He abducted young women and infected more than 600 women with HIV. According to the WMBF, he was held prisoner on three counts of trafficking, three counts of first-degree criminal sexual behavior. He is also charged with second-degree sexual behavior with a minor, and the promotion of child prostitution and kidnapping.

Pope reportedly forced four underage girls into sex acts to make money and he also had sex with them. A 13-year-old admits to having sex with Pope and finding out that he has AIDS. Pope had not revealed such information. He allegedly had sexual contact with "600 black women" and, during a freshly disclosed interview, the DJ admitted to having sex with black women.

He earnestly hopes that, without delay, they will transmit it to black men. In several intimate photos shared online, we saw Pope pose with several black women who now fear to be HIV positive like him. (see photo opposite).

In several intimate images shared online, we saw Pope in photo with several black women. Today, they are afraid of being HIV positive like him. Jason Roger Pope is currently behind bars in the Florence County Detention Center. His bond was denied because of all the serious charges.