Head Over Hills In Love Six Months Ago, "PEEK" Drowns In Ekland

As the love story with Emmanuelle Kéita reaches an abrupt end,

Peter 007 plays the blame game to the furore of Ekland.

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Ivory Coast Social Media has gone in overdrive and viral, over the sudden split this week of the Ivorian "barbie" Emmanuel Keita and her Vlogger beau Peter 007.

Less than a year ago, on the Muslim Tabaski festival (Eid al-Adha/festival of sacrifice), Peter 007, a former Ivory Coast law enforcement officer turned Video logger was on his knee with an engagement ring to woe the Queen of Ekland, Emmanuel Keita.
Millions of fans applauded the engagement, but many did not believe it would last. Nearly four months later, the two lovebirds have ended their fairytale union to the tune of dirty laundry and disparaging comments about one another.

In Ekland, the make-believe empire she built on Social Media, Emmanuelle's fans are adamant: Peter is just a loser who could not cope with the fame of the beauty. In Peter's camp, fans insist that their champion was seduced by a "con-woman" who only played games to boost her notoriety.

As for the neutrals, the split is just another Ivorian media "buzz" to sell the remaining tickets of the much-publicized conference of December 4th 2021, by none other than EK. No one wants to believe both sides. After the engagement party at Paris Fouquet's restaurant, Emmanuelle Keita swore by video: "I am a mother of four, including a teenage daughter. My love life cannot be a "buzz". I have been raised like a Queen. In our household, we don't play with this kind of thing".

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Ivory Coast Social Media Queen, Emmanuelle Keita. Photos/Censors

If many were sceptical about the future of the relationship, it was for both lovers' past comments and their respective track records in that particular area. Although they seemed determined to keep the candle burning, it did indeed burn on both sides.

So what went wrong?

Queen EK doesn't want to talk about the split in public. As for Peter 007, like a canary bird, he has already gone live on Social media to tell it all: "It's been over between EK and I for a long time," he revealed, before adding: "with her, I was in a state of... It's going to be OK! Because I thought it would get better. I thought she would change. We tried to sort it out several times, but it didn't stick".

Fans and subscribers to their Social Media pages and channels, are not happy about the fact that Peter 007 is settling scores on Social Media. For some, It is proof of what he has been accused of doing in his previous relationships. One prominent Social Media personality invited himself into the debate and warned him months ago: "Peter, you little rascal, you have now joined the big time".

Ivorian Social Media Personality Peter 007/ Photo Censors

Peter 007 is accused of jumping into bed with EK for greed and fame.
Of course, he denies all the allegations of the past few stormy days, by going so far as to say: " I was on the outside. Then, I came into her world. Now, I know why men who preceded me did not stay".

Emmanuelle Kéita's supporters feel that the Socialite has bent backwards to help and please him. A man should not say such things on Social Media, they insist.

How can people who gained notoriety by Social Media, escape the "buzz world"?
EK and Peter 007 lived their love story in the Media. Those millions of fans who applauded their engagement and hoped to see them live their love forever after, are now turning into vile executioners... On Social Media. This is just the begining.

Published on 22/11/[email protected]:00

By Claude Djaquis-Bady