Guiglo - Deceived husband has his rival's twin daughters pregnant.

Mr C Bogossa, a peaceful man was humiliated by his neighbour. This hardworking man was the sole intention in life was to provide for his family could never have imagined that his sweetheart Aline. B, Mr C Bogossa, was cheating on him with T. Anderson. Informed by an anonymous caller, the cuckolded husband set up his first strategy to catch his wife.

To gather enough evidence, Mr C Bogossa set up a three-day trip to Burkina-Faso. Early one morning, he took off for this long trip. His sad wife wished him a very good trip and asked if he could make sure he came back as quickly as possible as if she was not happy to see the back of him.

Informed of his neighbour's departure, T. Anderson the lover decided to meet his darling at their usual lover's nest; a hotel in town. The chauffeur's wife dressed as provocative as she has never been to meet her man.

Meanwhile, C Bogossa who never travelled as he pretended was hidden in the vicinity of his house, discreetly followed his wife to where she met T. Anderson, a widower who was now warming up where he left off. Broken-hearted, the deceived husband quietly returned home.

Happy to see their father again, his children ask him why he had come back so early since he should have been in Burkina-Faso. To the kids, the easy answer was: "the car broke down".

Late that night, Aline, happy of multiple soft blows by her relentless lover, also returned home to the shock of her life. She almost fainted when her husband told her he knew everything. Very early in the morning, she was repudiated to the neighbour's home. Confused, she fled to her parents' home in Bouaké, leaving the children with their father.

Time had come to digest the cold meal of revenge on the man who slept with his wife. He managed to befriend the man's twin daughters. Over time, they had each a sugar daddy whose name they would not reveal to one another for fear the candy store might close shop.

Although, Friday, May 29, 2020, would be one unforgettable day for Father T. Anderson, who had been raising his twins alone after his wife died a years earlier. They were both pregnant after a test carried out at the Guiglo medical centre. Asked about the identity of the doubleheader, the binoculars of truth will zoom on good old' Mr C Bogossa. Shock thundered thru guiglo. Proud to have scored big, C Bogossa, once ashamed and deceived husband could now pump his chest and proudly tell the father of the twins not to worry, because, he was ready to take responsibility for both pregnancies. Furthermore, he would be happy to marry both sisters.

However, he made sure to let everyone know of the shame he endured when his neighbour, the twins' father was the man who slept with his now-divorced wife. was sleeping with his wife. According to him, Anderson. T could marry Aline. C his former wife, if he so desired.

This is a story from Guiglo, the far west of Ivory Coast, in the cavally region, 600 kilometres from Abidjan.