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Ivory Coast: To promote his album, a singer-songwriter turns to street mugging.

Bialé Koffi Gérard's dream is singing, but his latest remand in prison is a case of art imitating life. The man, who released an album titled "C'est la volonté de Dieu" (It's God's Will), will have to perform for a while in front of an audience of inmates at city central prison in the Mid-West.

Bialé Koffi Gérard was arrested for armed robbery after snatching a bag . The public prosecutor's office clarified the debate on the reasons for his arrest. Indeed, on 10 March, on the way to SVT and English classes at 2 p.m., student Assandé Akissi Angela,  was  accosted by two individuals. At gunpoint in addition to a pointed knife, singer Bialé Koffi Gérard snatched her school bag before fleeing. Fortunately, he didn't get far as the girl's cries of distress shook  good samaritans who apprehend him after a chase. The famous artist was arrested whilst his accomplice was able to escape.

Before the Judge, the infamous star had no difficulty pleading guilty of mugging. "I admit to having snatched the bag off the girl," he said. The artist who denied armed robbery would eventually be sat down and  grilled by the presiding judge: " Did the knife taken from you belong to the prosecutor?" " You are already done for. Don't fool us. Whose knife is this? " Overwhelmed by questioning, the petty thief breaks down and confesses: "It was my little 'Terminator' who had this knife. Very clever, he was able to escape. I ask nothing but forgiveness," said singer, Bialé Koffi Gérard.

I am being told you're a musician? What's the title of your latest album? asked the presiding judge. "It's God's will.", answered Biale. " Well, we are only doing God's will here", replied the judge who confirmed that the accusations are punishable under the relevant provisions of the penal code. However, instead of the 12 months requisition from the prosecution, Mr Bialé Koffi Gérard was sentenced to 24 months in custody and a fine of 500,000 FCFA. He is almost certain to have a stage all to himself to perform for a long time and promote his album from the inside to an audience of hard core convicts. Better still, as God's ways are unfathomable, if it is God's will. So be it.

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