GAGNOA - Incineration operation

The gendarmerie burns more than 15 million CFA francs worth of narcotics and fake drugs.

The gendarmerie burns more than 15 million CFA francs worth of narcotics and fake drugs in Gagnoa./I.T

15/01/2021 - The gendarmerie is praised in Gagnoa for its dedication and determination. The efforts of Major Yeo Bakari, commander of the Gagnoa gendarmerie and his men deserve respect and admiration in the Gôh metro area.
"Pro Patria pro lege".
Even if being the guardians of Law and Order is the essence of this elite corporation, the gendarmerie always fights to eradicate drug trafficking in Gagnoa, where local authorities seem oblivious to the facts. How can security forces such as the Gmi, Bac, PJ, the police prefecture, the police district and the 1st and 2nd police precincts, especially the narcotics enforcement agency (DPSD), be active in Gôh capital and let the drug trade flourish?

In any case, people are voicing their concerns over the guilty silence of the authorities in Gagnoa. At various corridors, Commander Yeo Bakari and his men are always at the forefront of the war against drug smuggling.
Recently, at the city's landfill, more than a ton of narcotics, including heroin and fake drugs with a market value estimated at more than 15 million CFA, were incinerated under the supervision of the Gagnoa Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor Titiassou Kouakou André did not spare any praise for the tremendous job of Commander Bakari. In addition, the magistrate urged all security and defence forces to stay on the alert to succeed in curbing or even eradicating this prohibited trade in the city of Gagnoa.

Are local authorities paid hush money to look the other way by drug kingpins swarming the city? Our investigations continue.