GAGNOA - In a Temper Tantrum, she kills a marabout with a pair of scissors

Diallo Ousmane is dead. His concubine abominably shortened his life. This terrible death, like a ton of weight, will forever be on the conscience of Mariam Traoré.

The facts date back to September 8, 2021. According to our indiscretions, Diallo Ousmane and Traoré Mariam were partners who thought their love was meant to be a forever life affair in their home of Cissé Kamourou, a sub-district of the cosmopolitan capital of Gôh.

According to our investigations, the man loved to sip on his Koutoukou moonshine, which will prove to lead to his demise. Each time he got drunk, their sweet home would turn into a hell hole.

On this particular occasion, in a state of drunkenness, as usual, Mr Diallo Ousmane went on the attack. His sweetheart could no longer be on the receiving end of violent blows, so she decided to fight back after years of enduring bloody fists and head butts.

A seamstress by trade, Mariam Traoré, furious as hell, grabbed one of her favourite tools, a pair of scissors and bang! plunged it straight into her man's neck. Diallo collapsed to the ground in a pool of blood. What irreparable misfortune? Inadvertently, Traoré Mariam had just cut the carotid artery of her beloved Diallo Ousmane. Agonising, the marabout was transported in a wheelbarrow before being transferred urgently to the regional hospital by an ambulance. The man gave up the ghost on the way. Was this a premeditated crime? Following an anonymous tip-off, Commissioner Coulibaly Karna Ségamady and his officers immediately went to the scene and arrested the accused. During questioning of witnesses and neighbours by the police, against all odds, the disappearance of the "murderess" Traoré Mariam was noted. Like sugar melting in water, she was able vanish. To cover her tracks, she kept her dead husband's telephone Simcard.

What happened at the scene?

The police commissioner asked if he could use the marabout's mobile phone to alert next of kin. Unfortunately, it turns out that the screen of his mobile phone was tampered with. To communicate, he would have had to transfer the deceased Simcard to another mobile phone. His wife rushed to help with the sinister intentions of swapping her's with that of her dead husband. After which, as if it were a cloud that eclipses the sun, Traoré Mariam vanished into thin air.


Why did she swap that Simcard? Why did she flee her home? yet! Commissioner Coulibaly Karna Ségamady, used a few tricks of his own to lock up the fugitive criminal. In any case, after her hearing, Mariam Traoré, who is eight (8) months pregnant by the deceased marabout, was, according to the code of criminal procedure, later referred to the prosecutor's office of Gagnoa.
The proceedings continue...

Akoto G