GAGNOA: Gunfire spreads fear in the city

Police commissioner Boa Kouassi Jean . Photo/I.Coast Tribune.

20, November 2020 @11:20

Headlines News in the city of Gagnoa were the sounds of gunfire heard early at dawn on Tuesday 17 November. City dwellers, including those of "Quartier fonctionnaire" were on alert behind their curtains in this atmosphere of civil disobedience due to the post-electoral crisis. People wondered if this historic city where former president Laurent Gbagbo was born, was turning into the epicenter of events reminiscent of December 1999, when we witnessed the fisrt overthrow of a president.

Police Commissioner Boa Kouassi Jean and his men quickly took to the field. Overwhelmed by the police firepower, the unsavoury individuals vanished into nearby bushes. As strange as it might seem, no complaints so far of robbery have been reported, but word on the street is of being on the lookout for one another, especially given recent events across the country,

The police are thus, urging everyone to frankly help security forces by reporting any suspicious activities, which will help them succeed in their mission of securing people and their property. In any event, the security and defence forces are working in synergy to keep all ill-intentioned individuals out of business.

It should be noted, according to police sources that the shots were fired from small arms, contrary to widespread reports of machine guns.