Ivory Coast - Social Media Spirals Out Of Control Over Queen EK

On the first live broadcast after the bitter split with her beau Peter 007, Ivory Coast Social Media queen busted the doors of the Web with a stratospheric number of views.

In less than an hour seat down, with late DJ Arafat's music blaring in the background, Queen EK addressed fans and her upcoming conference attendees with 38,000 followers connected for 18.000 shares amounting to a facebook sum of 200.000views.

She wanted to set the record straight with the date and rumors of cancellation. Poised as ever, she confirmed the December 4th date at the Salons Hoch in the heart of Paris, to the delight of her EKland all over the world.

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EKLand Queen, Emmanuel Keita.Photos Ekland

Her numbers of views may have reached the Million milestone since the memorable evening of Wednesday, November 24, 2021.
The Ivorian "barbie", who now calls herself "King", has positioned herself as the ultimate gatekeeper of African Social Media.

Furthermore, in a clever marketing move, she declared  on a radio show the following day, that revenues generated during the live broadcast will go to the late Dj Arafat estate.

Love or loath her, the girl got game!

Published on 26/11/[email protected]:42

By Claude Djaquis-Bady


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EKLand Queen, Emmanuel Keita.Photos Ekland