Inspirational Coach Koutouan and Siguilolo F.C of Séguéla on the way to the top flight.

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Administrator Inza Fofana who sadly passed away last week would have been proud of his young warriors, Champions of Ivory Coast football 3rd division leaugue. Mr Fofana was Chairman of the Board, with Mr Bakayoko Zoumana and a host of directors and qualified technical staff that a professional team could proudly have wanted on its books.

Coach Meyan Pierre and his champions.

From next year they could be just be playing the last echelon leading them to the top flight of Ivorian Football Federation, thus joining the Orange professional league.

Before then, and as a reward for their excellent season, Ivory Coast Tribune met with their Head Coach Meyan Koutouan for an in-depth conversation.

I.coast Tribune: Congratulations on your achievement.

Coach Koutouan: Thank you, we finally made it after languishing in the lower division for so many years. I must pay tribute to our Administrator Mr Inza for his brilliant management style. (May his soul rest in peace). President Bakayoko Zoumana and the whole front office provided greatly for this success which could not have been possible without my supporting coaching staff of course.

I.Coast Tribune: How did you end up in Seguela, so far from the South were you used to coach Divo?

Coach Koutouan: Right, sure, this season Siguilolo FC was crowned 3rd division champion but before my post here, I successfully coached AS Divo, Man FC all in 3d and second division. Several football academies and even LYS of Sassandra in 2013-2014. To answer your question, I was chosen after an interview conducted by Siguilolo FC. My goals were quite clear from the get-go. Reach the top echelon of the first division within 3 years. We have just crossed one obstacle. The hardest part is yet to come as the second division is though, but not impossible. I am convinced that my players have the technical aptitudes to get to the top next year.

I.Coast Tribune: Are you financially secured to accomplish your goal?

Coach Koutouan: The owners treat us well. I am sure that if we continue to succeed we will be even more satisfied. I want to seize this opportunity to thank the coaching staff, members of the board and the President Mr Zoum, who is doing all he can to bring Seguela into the top flight of Ivory Coast football.

I.Coast Tribune: In the field of play, did you make your marks before the love for coaching? 

Coach Koutouan: My love for coaching started when I joined the league here in Abidjan. I must admit, I am well travelled. From a junior apprentice with Rio-Sport of Anyama, I joined US Yamoussoukro, then Djibetoua of Tabou, the great Stella club of Abidjan and Abidjan University Club. Abroad, I played for Akonagui Fc of Equatorial-Guinea and several other Asian clubs such as The Krung Thaïs bank, Arbac, Saraburi Fc and Chantabury Fc. 

I.Coast Tribune: Any future aspirations?

Coach Koutouan: I have all of my qualifications. Step by step, I am working hard to be the best I can be, and hopefully serve my country at the highest level.

I.Coast Tribune: Good Luck, Coach.


August 1, 2019. Published by Ivory Coast Tribune.

Photos/I.coast Tribune.