Fashion - Four Deaths In Less Than A Month.

Franck Curtis Jordan Akouatcha[email protected]

Lara Brou[email protected]

 Franck Curtis Jordan Akouatcha died on Saturday, July 11, 2020. It is the fourth death in less than a month in the world of fashion and modelling  in Ivory Coast. Mr Akouatcha died after a short illness, according to a source close to the family.

After a degree in computer science, Franck opted for fashion because of his looks and that unmistakeable swag. With his 1,80m height and the in-demand ebony complexion, Franck Curtis Jordan Akouatcha was the muse of several brands of clothing, thus modelled for many designers in Ivory Coast. He was a reference in the fashion industry.

Model Lara Brou died from diabetes, according to hospital sources on June 26, 2020. She was one of the most famous Ivorian supermodels.
Winner of the African Modeling Awards of the Junior Generation  (IYA 2019), her death was confirmed by several sources, including one of her photographers Nelly Yavo. With her short career and her meteoric rise, Lara Brou's death leaves a sense of unfinished Symphony in the ivorian fashion industry.

Days after Lara's demise, on June 30th the country learned of the passing of model Sonia Tra via social Media. The beautiful muse who was only 32 years old died after a long illness. The 1.77m tall Miss Tra walked the T for major designers such as Gilles Touré, Pathé O, and represented brands such as Uniwax. Her silhouette illuminated several catwalks, including Afrikfashion and many others. To say the least, with the death of Sonia Tra, the Ivorian fashion world loses one of it's most beautiful tiaras.

As for Fanta Leïla Koné, who was the second runner-up of the 2019 edition of the Miss Ivory Coast, she died on the night of Friday, July 10, 2020, following a short illness, at the age of 21.

According to sources within the Miss Ivory Coast Committee (COMICI), Leila Koné died of hepatitis, an infectious liver disease caused by a virus of the same name. Born on 20 August 1999, she was crowned Miss Côte d'Ivoire Italy 2019, before losing to Tara Gueye ( Miss Côte d'Ivoire 2019) and Satya Irié (elected First runner-up).

With the looks of a goddess, Leila was a four-times Italian athletics champion. She founded an online store called "LK Collection", launched in November 2019, where her fans and customers alike could find the latest trends in fashion and accessories (bags, shoes, wallets ...) made-in Italy.
"If you believe in your dreams, they may come true, but if you believe in yourself, your dreams will surely come true," she often said.

With these young men and women being mowed down by death in their prime, the industy is wondering what might be the real causes of their demises in this era of global pandemic and uncertainty. Others are even pointing to invisible forces using poison to neutralize peers, in this highly competitive field of fashion.

Our reporters have their ears stuck to the ground for any updates on these sad stories.

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