Fake passport lands Ivory Coast man a six-month stretch.

Man jailed after attempting to use false passport for travel

An Ivorian man has been jailed for six months after attempting to use a false passport to travel.

Dosso Youssouf, 32 from Ivory Coast, who resides in Italy was arrested yesterday at the airport on his way to Rome after immigration officials noticed that his passport was fake.

Youssouf was arraigned before magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace this morning by Inspector Christian Abela, who accused him of possession of a falsified passport, knowingly making use of a falsified document and falsifying or altering a passport.

The accused made an early guilty plea. His lawyer, Joe Brincat, argued for a minimum sentence. The court handed the Ivorian a six-month prison sentence.


Published, updated 30/09/2020