Drug trafficking scandal in Côte d'Ivoire - High ranking officials in police custody

Commissioner Dosso Karamoko, also known as Karasco Alasco. In custody for the crime of "complicity in international cocaine trafficking".Photo/I.T

Ivory Coast - (08/06/2022) 

The recent drug trafficking scandal involving high ranking officials has uncovered the case of suspect Dosso karamoko, as the most emblematic of all. 

Mr Karamoko (Karasco Alasco) is the most senior drug enforcement official in charge of dismantling cartels in the South-West region of San-Pedro. 

Commissioner Alasco is alleged to own a private high school built to the tune of 300 000 000 Francs CFA (456,204.07 Euro), a 585 million CFA francs (889,597.93 Euros) castle, 2 three stories buildings in Abidjan and 3 luxury cars. To top it all off, a sum of 252,500,000 CFA francs (383,897.67 Euro) was found hidden in a black plastic bag in his room, at his home in Abidjan Cocody when he was arrested.   

According to his lawyer, Tarcicius Richard, the cash was seized in a previous case. Therefore, it is part of the exhibit for investigative purposes. He continues to plead that the vehicles found at his client's residence were part of his luxury car sales activities, as there is no law in the Ivorian penal code prohibiting the sale of goods by a police commissioner. The lawyer claims in the defence of his client Alasco Karasco, that the accused was only the property manager of the buildings allegedly claimed he owned.

7 people, all suspected of having participated in the laundering of money generated by drug trafficking have been charged and remain in custody at the Maca prison in Yopougon for the crime of "complicity in international cocaine trafficking". They are:

  • Mr Gorayeb Richard DG ETS T.G.M.R

- Mr Dominique Henri Amata, the 67 years old French CEO of "911" security company.

- Mr Hussein Taan, a Lebanese baker, owner of "Des Gâteaux & du Pain" and "Pasta et Pizza".

- Mr Akoula Amon Chauvin-Buthaud, owner of Maison Akoula in Assinie.

- Mr Dago Yannick, regional Director of Compagnie Ivoirienne d'électricité (CIE) in San-Pedro.

- Commissioner Dosso Karamoko known as Alasco karasco, the San-Pedro drug enforcement chief.

-Mr Bakayoko Lama, Police Officer, Head of the DPSD of San-Pedro.

- Mr Morizio Coco, a 59 years old Italian construction engineer.

The investigation continues to shake Ivory Coast to its core.

Bady Claude Djaquis