(Côte d'Ivoire)-Senate sends law back to the National Assembly for amendment


December 1 - Yamoussoukro.
On November 30th, 2021, senators amended the finance bill on the state budget for 2021. They sent the text to parliament at the end of the working session of the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs.

The second chamber of parliament is concerned with Article 11 of the draft in which an error occurred about costs amounts.

"During our debates, we noticed a difference between the amount indicated in explanation of Article 11 of the rectification bill and the amount that should normally appear in the balance of the table," explained the first secretary of the CAEF, Senator Bernard Bassy Koffi of Marahoué.

Legally unable to proceed to amendments if the text is adopted by parliament, the Senate decided to thoroughly examine for a simple material or a more substantial error.

The senators voted in favour of the whole text submitted for their approval, subject to this amendment.

According to Bernard Bassy Koffi, the Senate is the last bastion. " Our colleagues in the National Assembly have done an excellent job, but errors slipped through. That is why the second chamber is called the proofreading chamber".

Before the adoption of the text subject to amendment, the majority of senators cast their votes to settle the state budget for the year 2020.