(Covid-19) Côte d'Ivoire - Prime Minister visits an antigen test production unit in Grand-Bassam

Patrick Achi visits a 10,000 per day antigen test production unit in Grand-Bassam. Photo: IPA

On Thursday, October 21 2021, Prime Minister Patrick Achi visited a plant capable of producing 10,000 antigen tests per day in Grand-Bassam. These tests can tell within 10 minutes whether a subject is Covid-19 positive or not.

The Ivorian Premier said he was satisfied with the results, which reflect the country's commitment to fighting the spread of Covid-19.
"It is always good to come to the field and see the reality of these things. "We are satisfied that the unit is producing 10,000 tests per day, in addition to 1.5 million antigen tests ordered by the government for the benefit of the population," he said.

"Today, with the help of our German partners, we have a unit in Côte d'Ivoire, capable of manufacturing these antigen tests kits.
President Ouattara has asked that they be given free of charge to public and private health centres to significantly reduce the lethality rates, which are already low in Côte d'Ivoire".

Patrick Achi regretted that many cases except the causes of morbidity related to the coronavirus are due to a late diagnosis of the disease. According to him, beyond the production of antigen tests, jobs are being created.

"This first stage of production shows the Ivorian ecosystem can attract crucial direct foreign investment in advanced sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, and create conditions for moving forward, notably the production of a vaccine, on which we are currently working with the Ministry of Health. That is Côte d'Ivoire's aim," he said.