Côte d'Ivoire-Nassénéba Touré launches operation "Zero street children"

Minister Nassénéba Touré on the ground to extract children from the streets (IPA))

Friday, July 29, 2022  4 a.m

The Minister of Women, Family and Children, Nassénéba Touré, launched operation “Zero street children” at a rehabilitation center in the Zone 4 C area of Marcory (South Abidjan). Her move is spearheaded by the Program for the Protection of Vulnerable Children and Adolescents (PPEAV) of the Ministry of Women, Family and Children (MFFE), with the support of the deputy-director for the fight against child trafficking and juvenile delinquency of the Criminal Police.

The main objective of the operation is to remove children from the streets for their social reintegration. Four sites were visited, namely Cocody Angré “Terminus 81-82”, “Carrefour Bluetooth”, “Carrefour Arafat” and “Mille Maquis”, in Marcory. Around 200 children sleeping rough, in unfinished houses, at the edge of "maquis" and bars were relocated. Nassénéba Touré noted that 99% of these children were waiting for this moment because they just wanted an outstretched hand. "These children are vulnerable, the street is not their place to live, the safety of these children lies with their families", the Minister added. For her, security for all is linked to that of these children who must necessarily be reintegrated into the social fabric.


From the street, the children were immediately welcomed at the Zone 4C rehabilitation center. The Minister reassured that all the provisions are implemented for their care by qualified personnel. “We have a team made up of two specialists, two psychologists and four doctors (2 psychiatrists, 1 general practitioner, 1 pediatrician)…”, she explained.
Nassénéba Touré reiterated the Government's commitment to prioritizing the protection of children. "Among these children, some will be educated, trained in apprenticeship trades, others will rejoin their families, and for some, they will be rid of the use of harmful products", she confided, while inviting the populations to report, by free call to 116 and 1308, all street children.
According to PPEAV, some 11,124 street children were identified in the period of 2020-2021 in the District of Abidjan and in 10 regions of Côte d'Ivoire.