Prime Minister Patrick Achi at the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings
ivory Coast PM Patrick Achi. Archives picture.

Patrick Achi is leading an Ivorian delegation of ministers in Washington DC (USA) at the annual meetings of the World Bank Group and the IMF.

Main Topic: "how can we join forces to face the challenges of an uncertain world?"

During these meetings, world leaders and experts are expected to look for solutions to new threats affecting developing countries, namely, COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, inflation and food shortages. These challenges require action.

The Bretton Woods institutions are the platform for official meetings of the Boards of Governors, the Development Committee and the International Monetary and Financial Committee. The boards will provide Governors with opinions on major global issues such as global economic conditions, the fight against poverty, economic development and aid effectiveness.

Finance minister Adama Coulibaly, Planning and Development minister Nialé Kaba and Budget minister Moussa Sanogo are part of the ivorian delegation in these meetings.