Côte d'Ivoire - A Public Health watchdog committee against Ebola will be set up in Ouaninou (Government)

Left: Health Minister Dimba Pierre. Right: Interior Minister, General Diomande Vagondo, in Ouaninou Touba. 19, August 2021 / Photo(IPA)-

A Public Health watchdog committee against Ebola will soon be set up in Ouaninou to counter the spread of the deadly pandemic in this ivory Coast-Guinea border town.

The information was released on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, by Minister of Health Dimba Pierre during a meeting aimed at raising awareness about the preventive measures against the disease and those decided by the government to contain the advance of the scourge as quickly as possible.

"Since August 14, a case of Ebola imported from Guinea Conakry, which transited through Ouaninou has been detected in Abidjan. We are here to confirm this information, remind you that the borders are closed and that a Health watchdog committee will be established here," said Mr. Dimba.

The locals, through city mayor, Dosso Youssouf, and Bafing regional council vice-president, Fadiga Kanvaly, have committed themselves to follow the government's measures and welcomed the two ministers.

The spokesperson of the National Monitoring Committee, Prof. Eholié Serge, indicated during a daily press conference on Monday 16 August 2021 that 700 contact cases were vaccinated according to guidelines of World Health Organization (WHO), and that vaccinations for 2,000 high-risk contact cases will be carried out urgently.