Oh, Blondy hell! Boris, thunders and roars at the commons on the hottest July day in memory.


Thousand of illegal immigrants could get amnesty if they lived in the country for more than a decade without committing a crime. From September this year, 20.000 police officers will be recruited to be deployed on Britain's streets within three years. In his first Prime Minister Question, the new Tory leader and now UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson rolled back the years of promises to attempt to resolve the moral dilemma of those unidentified thouands or so individuals who are potentially contributing to the "dark economy" of this country; in hiding, unidentified, unable to pay taxes the proper way, therefore not able to contribute to the prosperity of the country they chose to live in.

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Hope for security in light of rising crimes and aspirations for the nation has injected renewed enthusiasm in the Tory party.

"BoJo" is not just succeeding Theresa May. He also has the gigantic task to cure the backlogs and shambles in administrative and policy duties left by his predecessor, once of the home office (we all remember the Wind Rush scandal). Equally, he must face the EU with his do or die and can-do attitude, the polar opposite of Mrs. May the epitome of failures and lack of strategies across the board.

That exercise could prove to be a perilously counter-productive one as early as the end of this year at a possible general election. It was a stark and peculiar reminder of that other roasting of a potential candidate Donald Trump, by one sitting U.S president Barak Obama at a Foreign Press diner in his second term.

Just as Jeremy Corbyn remained stone-faced on the green bench, Trump sat stoically in the audience whilst Obama went on about ridiculing him. Little did the World know that within a couple of years, the "POTUS" would succeed the man whom he had accused of not being "American enough". Trump is now spending most of his first term unraveling all that Obama had accomplished during his eight years in office.

Until then, the so low on details and so broad on big package promises and rhetorics will continue to fuel the rock star honeymoon after three years of gloom and doom. To succeed and look credible to those who won the referendum on the EU, Boris Johnson must deliver Brexit or can he?

With "E" for energy, wit, and the mastery of the English language, the man who at age 8 wanted to be king of the world according to his sister, is now at the "bully pulpit" of the highest office of the land.

He promised to take his country out of the EU on Halloween 2019 by any means necessary during a phone encounter with the European commissioner Jean Claude Junker, then he went on to dazzle the common during a two hour "Q&A" session that clearly defined new priorities for Great Britain."Those who bet against this country will lose their shirts".

On the other hand, after Mrs. May led the country in total oblivion for three years, Prime Minister Johnson could be facing a general election with Jeremy Corbyn (Labor) and Nigel Farrage (the Brexit party) knocking hard at that legendary door Nº 10 on Downing Street.

Why? Because we live in an era where the politics of mum and dad are long dead and buried. In America, Donald Trump's government by tweets, eclipsed the last of the dynasties when he defeated Hillary Clinton. In France, Macron obliterated to the abyss the two parties State. Elsewhere, populism is gaining ground whilst Africa is still lagging in getting read of the old guard of "fathers of the nations"… but not for too long, as the advent of new technologies has reduced the gap in information albeit sometimes more "fake" than the reel news.

On a July day in London, the hottest it has ever been, Boris Johnston scorched and roasted the opposition leader and his deputy for their flipflop over Brexit, Iran and many other domestic issues facing the nation. In a Churchillian style despatch, " he did the arms waving, jabbing, pointing, while is lower half pirouetted as if he were the Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov after several tumblers of vodka" whilst Tory members thundered and roared, bringing a once dull Commons back to life.

With a boost of 10 points since their new leader was elected, the Tories have leapfrogged labor in the opinion poll with a Jeremey Corbyn ever more weakened by a continuous claim of antisemitism within his party. Mr. Johnson has thus all the cards in his hands to tear up the backstop, leave Europe without a deal and call a general election. Comes what will, Winston Churchill awaits his second coming.




Ivory Coast Tribune

July 29 Th, 2019.