True to his talent, prolific Congolese singer, songwriter and choregrapher Didier Kalondji, better known as Bill Clinton is leading the pack in 2020 with "Tia Volonté" meaning in Lingala, you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. A powerful message of hope and a rallying cry for all, but foremost to the youth. Always keen on quick riches.  From across the continent of Africa, the youth is willing to die by crossing the seas into the Western world. Whereas, with the slightest effort they could move mountains for the benefit of their countries of origin. After leaving Wengue Musica in the early 2000s, Bill Kalondji has been the only Congolese "animator" able to match the talent of band leaders such  Werasson, Koffi Olomide and others. Congo kinshasa has known the likes of Kerozen, Robino, Brigade, Lipassi, lobeso, Apocalypse, Kirikou, Celeo Scram, Bercy Muana, CNN aligator and Tutu Kaloudji, but the  one and only man  who remains and will forver be remembered, is Didier Kalondji, the "Crème de la Crème". 

Claude B. Djaquis Editor-In-Chief  Ivory Coast Tribune  

Bil Clinton Kalondji: Photo/censors