Aicha Koné stars at Laurent Gbagbo's new party congress

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On the day former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo marked his return to the political stage, Ivorian songstress Aicha Koné, "Mama Africa" lived up to her reputation. 

By a grand entrance reminiscent of days gone by, she graced the stage of "Palais Des Congrès" dressed in crisp all white. The "diva", another one of her many nicknames, referred to past great warriors of her beloved Africa.

"I heard about Samory Touré and Soundjata Kéita, but I can see you "Seplou" Koudou Gbagbo Laurent. Your bravery, I am proud to have witnessed," she sang.

Then, to the tune of "Africa O Liberté" of the great Franklin BOUKAKA, she reconnected the audience with the early independence days of the post-colonial era when Africans sang about Liberty in the hope for better days.

Indeed, that Liberty is the mark of fabric for the new party launched today, October 16th 2021, by the man who fought and won against the “Colonial Court of the ICC", to quote Gbagbo's supporters. The audience sang in unison about a new beginning for Africa.

The African People Party (PPA-CI) is the new political tool offered by Gbagbo to all pan-Africanists around the world. In this 21s century of many challenges, the new generation of Africans will look to Laurent Gbagbo's doctrine with an uninhibited mindset and seek a leadership ready to roll up its sleeves for the people.

With guests converging from across the globe into Abidjan to witness this landmark event, let us hope for a wave of lasting peace in the land of HOSPITALITY.

The constitutive Congress of the African People Party (PPA-CI) will end on October 17th, 2021, with the election of its president.

Published By Claude B Djaquis-Editor

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