Abidjan - "Ma Famille" Actress Angeline Nadié laid to rest in Williamsville

Actress Angeline Nadié who Died from cancer last month. Photo/I.T

On July the 17th of this year, the demise of Ivorian actress Angeline Nadié saddened fans, the world of movies and theatre alike when the news broke that she succumbed to a lengthy battle with cancer.

Indeed, the famous actress was known for her role in the acclaimed early 2000 sitcom "My Famille", where she played the role of the womanizing character Bohiri's mother.

Sadly, on Saturday 21, August 2021, her burial took place at Williamsville cemetery in the presence of fans and actors colleagues such as Akissi Delta, who even took the floor for a eulogy. Needless to say that the atmosphere was one of a tremendous loss in the community.

Mrs Nadié leaves behind a great biological family, many fans and colleagues who will sorely miss her.

Right : Delta, director of "Ma Grande Famille" as the sequel is now known is devastated by the loss of "her mother-in-law".Photo/I.T

"Mamie Nadié or Mamie, as she was called in my TV series where she played the role of  an overbearing mother-in-law, was an exemplary woman. She was prompt and dedicated to her work. I have never seen an actress like her who plays with her guts, her emotions, her voice, her gestures and everything. She was a flawless actress! Angeline Nadié was different from the one we saw on the small screens. Mamie was a very conciliatory, affectionate, calm and uneventful woman. This surprised many people who thought she was the character she played, in real life; the kind of person who talks a lot is nasty and all. No, no, no! Grandma was not like that! I remember her as a woman who loved to share and listen to others. Today she is gone. We already miss her and our hearts are all broken," said Director Akissi Delta.

Mrs Nadié is no10 on the doomed long list of "family" members who have passed away, in the 20 years since the series began.

Published By Meyan Nanguy, Lifestyle Editor