Electric tractors will help reduce the environmental footprint of a new Ivory Coast container terminal.

APM 75T HE (Automotive Prime Mover 75 tonnes Hot Environment). Photo: Gaussin

Gaussin has secured a €9.9m contract with the Port of Abidjan’s soon to be opened Côte d’Ivoire Terminal (CIT) for 36 APM 75T HE electric tractors, 24 powerpacks and six charging stations.

"The APM 75T HE equipped with Blue Solution's "all-solid" LMP Lithium Metal Polymer batteries was launched in 2019 and continues its penetration of the port tractor market,” said Christophe Gaussin, CEO of Gaussin.

“After sales in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, we are proud to contribute to the decarbonization of port operations on the African continent with this major order from two giants of the port sector.”

Zero emissions

The electric towing vehicles, to be delivered later this year, are 100% electric and emit no CO2 emissions or noise pollution. They serve to reduce the cost of energy consumed at terminals by 70%. Powered by LMP batteries by Blue Solutions, the new handling machines offer reliability, range and safety.

Located adjacent to the existing Abidjan Terminal, the 37.5-hectare CIT is due to be operational at the end of this year and will be jointly operated by Bolloré Ports and Maersk subsidiary APM Terminals. It will have a capacity of 1.2m containers a year. Equipped with 6 quay cranes and 13 electric RTG gantry cranes, CIT is the first container terminal in Africa to integrate as much electric equipment as possible.

The order marks the success of the tests conducted by Bolloré Ports for nearly 12 months with the two Gaussin APM vehicles acquired in 2019 for the nearby CT1 terminal in Abidjan.

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